The Escalating Threats to the LGBTQ Community by Far-Right Extremist Groups

Recent incidents involving far-right white supremacist groups targeting LGBTQ individuals have raised alarm, including attacks at a pride event in Idaho and a drag story hour in California. The Patriot Front group members were arrested in Idaho, while the Proud Boys disrupted a Drag Time Story Hour in California. Harris Mojadedi, an LGBTQ activist, believes the attackers’ intention was to cause terror, harm, and demonstrate that the community is not inclusive and welcoming.

Mojadedi also highlights the growing concern that discriminatory policies are spreading even in traditionally inclusive areas. In response, the community has been fighting for their rights and maintaining inclusivity. J.M. Berger, a writer and researcher focusing on extremist ideologies, explains that these extremist groups view gender as a secondary marker of identity, leading to a visceral hatred for nonconforming or unexpected gender presentations or sexual orientations.

The increasing connection between fringe movements and more mainstream far-right outlets is a cause for concern. The trajectory of this issue is uncertain, but experts expect increasing amounts of political violence and identity-driven violence. The outcome of the midterm elections in November and the 2024 elections may be determinative of how severe the situation becomes.

According to The Guardian, incidents of anti-LGBTQ+ attacks by extremist groups have increased in the US, with the surge attributed to anti-trans politics and far-right news outlets. Rightwing groups in Texas have threatened attendees at an adults-only drag brunch, and advocates warn that Republican politicians and rightwing media have been pushing anti-LGBTQ+ talking points and legislation.

Anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric from outlets like Fox News contributes to the increase in threats and violence. Politicians like Governor Ron DeSantis, Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene, and Governor Greg Abbott have been accused of spreading misinformation and targeting LGBTQ+ families with harmful policies. The term “groomer” has become a common scare tactic used by conservatives against LGBTQ+ individuals.

The Anti-Defamation League notes that many threats against LGBTQ+ people come from white nationalist groups. Over 320 anti-LGBTQ+ state bills have been introduced so far this year, according to the Human Rights Campaign. However, a majority of Americans, including Republicans, support laws protecting LGBTQ+ individuals from discrimination.

President Joe Biden has signed an executive order to curb discrimination against transgender youth and halt federal funding for conversion therapy. The Equality Act, which would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, has stalled in the Senate. As the LGBTQ community faces increasing threats from far-right extremist groups, it is crucial for society to unite in combating hate and promoting inclusivity for all.

Source: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/why-far-right-groups-are-increasingly-targeting-the-lgbtq-community

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