Cottage Talks with Cranky Canuck

Cottage Talks – Episode 1
Hey everybody! It’s your favourite little foul-mouthed snowman, and I can’t wait to tell you about my new adult satire political cartoon series Cottage Talks, starring me! I’ll be premiering each episode right here and bringing you all the latest news and developments in Canadian politics, straight from the comfort of Premier Doug Ford’s cottage!

In this first episode, I’ll be digging into the tactics the Conservative Party has been using to push their agenda and take down their opponents. They’ve been spending millions on online ads and trying to paint Trudeau as a “Tin Pot Dictator,” but their strategy sucks and it could actually backfire and pave the way to the destruction of our system of governance.

And if that clown show isn’t enough we have Doug Ford and his cronies, trying desperately to privatize and destroy our public schools and healthcare, while selling off the Green Belt and it’s seriously pissing off the people of Ontario.

So it’s time our message is heard loud and clear! We see you Doug, and we’re going to make sure everyone else does too!

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