Special Report with Cranky Canuck: Toronto Sun’s Maple MAGA Agenda Exposed!

Cranky’s Special Report: Exposing the Toronto Sun’s Anti-Semitic PRO PUTIN Cartoon Scandal

Classic Toronto Sun tactics are at play: Their latest deeply offensive cartoon portrays Ukraine’s Jewish leader as a thief, plunging yet again into anti-Semitic waters. Those familiar with the Sun’s modus operandi won’t find this surprising — it’s just another instance of dirty politics cloaked as ‘satire.’ My latest Special Report breaks it down, exposing the dangerous narratives spun by this media outlet.

At the helm of this operation are Adrienne Batra and the Post Media crew. Batra, a die-hard Ford loyalist with a journalism resume as substantial as vapor, has turned the Sun into a #MapleMAGA megaphone, relentlessly broadcasting their fascist agenda.

The real puppet masters? Chatham Asset Management. More than media moguls, they’re architects of public opinion, leveraging the Sun to propagate a far-right, anti-democratic #mapleMAGA agenda.

And who laid the groundwork for this media manipulation? None other than former PM Stephen Harper, who flung open the doors for foreign media ownership, setting the stage for neo-con influence in Canadian journalism. The Toronto Sun isn’t just delivering news; it’s the voice of the #MapleMAGA machinery, distorting reality with every biased cartoon and shoddy piece of journalism. It’s high time we cut through the smokescreen they’ve put up!

Need a more in-depth breakdown of what the fuck is going on? Please visit Crier Media for the full article that lifts the curtain on who’s behind this #maplemaga trash.🤘🥶

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