Down the Rabbit Hole

Well holy crap, guys, we’re going down the old conspiracy rabbit hole! I made this cartoon because I’m so damn tired of reminding people when and where the roots of Fascism took hold in the West. As Nancy Pelosi once said “all roads lead to Putin” and it’s been proven in the public sphere over and over again.

The social media election fuckery that occurred in 2016 to get Trump elected can never be understated! In fact it is a mind-blowing advertising/propaganda achievement on the scale of the moon landing that Putin could fool so many people into believing such fantastical bullshit!

Using publicly available social media tools and online advertising, the Russian military intelligence agency, GRU became proficient at lining up protests and counter protests to really set the flames of hate ablaze. What a fucking mess! So I wanted to help everyone remember who the original bad guys are that started this dumpster fire that continues to this day.

Russia has always been a world leader in kompromat and misinformation, and through the Trump years the American presidency was their mouth piece. This has both heavily damaged western democracy and exposed a dark underbelly of Christo Fascism that many didn’t even realize existed! The Russian GRU managed to tie religious extremists, conspiracy nuts, and every other outcast motherfucker into a GIANT ANTI-DEMOCRACY group hell bent on destroying OUR freedom because THEIR freedom! Ya, the hypocrisy and irony of it has always been stunning.

As the US midterm election closes in, my hope is more Americans finally realize the real danger they/we are all in and finally do the right thing. Which is to vote these GQP fascist assholes into oblivion!

So buckle up, this is gonna be a trip! 🥶🤘

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