Well Holy Fuck & Nice to Meet Ya!

Well Holy Fuck & Nice to Meet Ya!
Original Instance on Twitter, Feb 24 2022 –

Last year, during the Ottawa trucker occupation, all that hate ignorance and fear manifested itself into an angry ice ball of truth and rage, and that’s when I was born – the anti-disinformation, democracy-loving snowman, here to set the record straight.

That convoy was straight up a bunch of anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists, and angry “truckers” who decided to occupy the heart of our democracy in Ottawa. They spread disinformation and terrorized their fellow citizens, all while claiming to stand for freedom. But let me tell ya, their freedom ends when it infringes on ours!

So for your viewing pleasure the pilot episode of Cranky Canuck. Let’s show the world that fascism has no place in our great country! And remember, staaaaay frosty!

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