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Welcome to Drag Storytime with Cranky Canuck!

This cartoon serves as a vivid explainer, capturing the vibrant spirit of events like drag story-time while simultaneously unmasking the grim realities of ultraconservative movements and their assault on the LGBTQIA+ community and human rights. Diving deep into these critical subjects, the cartoon draws attention to concerns that have a direct influence on our collective future and democracy itself.

So you might be wondering – where the hell did this all come from? Well, I don’t just pull this stuff out of thin air. This script, every word and image is based on comprehensive research and facts! When I create these cartoons, it’s not just about laughs and gags, but about providing you with insights into the world we live in.

So if you’re curious to learn more about the information that shaped “DRAG STORY-TIME with CRANKY CANUCK,” here are some key articles that informed this piece:

1 “The Growing Threat Against Drag Story-times and the LGBTQ Community in Canada”
2 “The Escalating Threats to the LGBTQ Community by Far-Right Extremist Groups”
3 “The Global War on Gender and the Far-Right’s Exploitation of Religion”
4 “Holy Hate: The Far-Right’s Exploitation of Religion for Violence and Extremism”
5 “The Right’s Moral Panic Over “Grooming”: A Resurgence of Homophobia and Conspiratorial Thinking”

In closing, I want to express my deepest gratitude to all those courageously standing up to the hate, providing a clear lens into this arena of chaos. Your strength and perseverance are an inspiration, and have been equally essential in shaping this cartoon. Let’s make the truth engaging by crushing lies and hate with love and acceptance! Until next-time, staaaay frosty! 🥶🤘

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