Why So Furious?

Well heeeeeey everybody!

Cranky here, with the latest installment of cartoon chaos!

Why so Furious was born from a blend of frustration, astonishment, and a relentless desire to speak truth to this madness. 

Inspired by @Doctor_Eric_B’s TikTok breakdown on the absurdity of anti-vaxxer cognitive dissonance struck a deep chord with me, and this is the result. 

The sheer futility of reasoning with those who’ve abandoned both logic and reason has led me down the path of mockery—our last bastion of sanity in this chaos.

Let me be clear: siding with doctors and scientists about vaccines and modern medicine does not, and should not, label me (or anyone) a conspiracy theorist or worse.

Watching an unprecedented pandemic unfold alongside a horde of deluded, conspiracy-fueled zealots attacking healthcare workers and scientists based on the garbage fed to them online was more than just alarming—it was traumatic.

The merge of anti-vaxxers with conspiracy culture during these times created narratives so outlandish, they managed to attack, harm, and provoke the very heroes in healthcare striving to navigate us through a once-in-a-century crisis.

The audacity of these uninformed, paranoid, conspiracy-addled lunatics to challenge a community founded on reason, compassion, and cooperation left me not just disgusted then, but continues to do so to this day.

The masterminds of this anti-vax circus are cashing in, exploiting a new wave of conspiracy believers and anti-vaxxer convoy followers, muddying the waters of public discourse with their dangerous nonsense.

It’s baffling to see how many have been seduced into living in a parallel universe disconnected from reality.

Yet, through this mire, I stand firm in my conviction to heed the advice of experts over the cacophony of web-based grifters.

I can’t wrap this up without a heartfelt salute to the healthcare warriors—those stoic, dedicated professionals who, at great personal risk, cared for our loved ones through these turbulent times.

Your bravery, sacrifice, and unwavering commitment will always remain a deep inspiration. 

From the bottom of my ice cold heart, thank you.💙💙💙

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